Our Fleet


We offer several types of trailers and choose the best one to fit your boat.

Hydraulic Trailers are hollow in the middle. This allows us to back under a boat and self-load without a crane. These can set a boat down on blocks and stands inside buildings where cranes cannot go. These are also the trailers needed for water launching.

Associated Boat Transport
Associated Boat Transport

Low-boy, air-ride, yacht trailers are super low to the ground and perfect for taller boats. There is only about six inches of ground clearance under the trailer. Your sailboat, powerboat, or workboat will have a smooth ride with our airbag system on these trailers.

Waltron Stretch trailer can have three or four axles, and the belly stretches up to ten feet. This trailer is great for heavier or longer loads.


We offer sleeper tractors, day cabs, and pick-ups.