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Wes Brandt

LaConner, WA

Very professional. Thanks. I liked the extra care and scrutiny in the loading process, even though I had no rain gear and got soaking wet observing. Mark’s a nice guy and a pro. Thanks

Professor Moptop

We had a different type of boat to be moved and they were awesome. We contacted them about a catamaran that would be moved in 2 pieces from a private residence to the boat yard. I gave them pictures and deminsions. Emily and Mark called the day before to discuss what I had planned and potentially how things would go that day. We agreed on a time and the driver Daren was right on time and he had been doing this for years. We got everything loaded with no issues and unloaded no problem. I have never dealt with a boat transportation company before but this would be my go to place if looking for a service like this.

CarlaRae Arneson

We used Associated Boat Transport to move our 40" Sea Ray Sedan (with a flybridge) from Chicago to Seattle. They were so amazing! Great customer service... easy to talk to and very personable. Very reliable! The driver was so nice and went above and beyond for us. And their price was so reasonable! We highly recommend them!


Whatcom Waterfront Construction, Bellingham, WA

Associated Boat transport has moved our 27 x 12 foot, over height, landing craft and our 22 x 8 steel tug.
Both movements went as planned and were on budget.

Harrison Jenkins

When it comes to relocating your future floating home, finding a service that will treat it the way you would, was paramount. After we purchased our sailboat, we had about 4 months to research and select a transport company. Being completely “green” in boat transportation, we did what most would. . . . ask as many questions as possible, from as many different people and sources as we could. After many emails and phone calls to various transport companies, we selected “Associated Boat Transport”. The conversations we had with them from the get-go, made us feel that we would be completely taken care of . . . like we were part of their family. They gave us the “personal” touch. We didn’t feel like we were “just-another-job”. They coordinated with all the necessary personnel, from the pickup location, all the way to the destination. Their timing was impeccable. I was fortunate to spend a few hours with Alan the driver as he was loading up, and the longer we spoke, the more confident I felt in his abilities, and the absolute professionalism of the staff at Associated Boat Transport. I just knew it in-my-heart, that every precaution would be taken to ensure our precious cargo arrived unscathed. They actually cared. Between Alan the driver, and Dennis at their main facility, I felt that I would always be in constant contact with our boat, its condition, and its location, along its 1900 mile journey. Their pricing was also appealing. They carefully took down all my information on the boat, the travel locations, and fully explained all the aspects of the move. Alan even took many pictures of the boat at this final destination, to ensure us of the arrival condition! Would I recommend Associated Boat Transport. . . .absolutely! I give them a A+++++++ rating. Our entire experience from our initial contact to the end, was effortless, and confident. Thank you once again, ABT!

Jackson Millikan

Their quotes are quick, detailed, and easy to understand. I kept asking them “what if I buy this boat in this state?” Never a hint of impatience, just pure professionalism. I ended up finding the right boat close to home, which makes me feel like kind of a jerk after all their help.

Eric Watson

I have large 50 foot boat 13 wide and I guess 15 tall. Stock length 45. They came on time, and found problems as my boat was too low to slide under then too high to move and had to lay up a trailer till they could make the move right. The work they did was nice. They were nice. Polite. Courteous. This is the boat transport company I would recommend to all. Even watching them with Jet Skis on back of my trailer, this week, go through Cali with one large one on back for a few miles was well worth the observation. Great boat transport company over all. Keep up the good work. That is what makes America Great Again!!!

Kerri Edeler

Associated Boat Transport - I just don't have enough words to thank you enough. Val, Greg and Dennis, you are amazing! Val, I told our daughter that we need to find you a wizard's cap but after hearing our story, she said you need a crown because you are a king. Thank you

Fritz vic

Customer service is outstanding!!! Dennis and his team are extremely efficient and willing to work with your schedule!! I highly recommend them!!

Nigel Barron

Great group of people giving great service.

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